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Panecillos de zanahoria y nueces acaramelizadas (22)

It appears that the land had no plans to stop shaking and as soon as we left my in-laws at the station, and I was publishing the recipe for condensed milk yogurt, the earth shooke again. A very strange  feeling, the chair was moving around the room while I was sitting on it. But hopefully we are well. Thank you very much for caring for us.


Well, among little bit of scrubbing, I take a break to post a recipe for BBD # 50 whose host is Snuggs From Kitchen. It invites us to prepare a bread with vegetables so I pull out some carrots I combined with delicious caramelized nuts.
Panecillos de zanahoria y nueces acaramelizadas (9)
These are tremendous rolls, I baked them on Saturday night or Sunday brunch, but the smell was so overwhelming that as soon as Polyanna was sleeping, we returned to the kitchen and ate them. Freshly baked, spread with a little melted butter and cold they are a delight, with fresh cheese the next day, a sin.
Panecillos de zanahoria y nueces acaramelizadas (14)
If you bake them, you will go on eating until there is none left : o)

Panecillos de zanahoria y nueces acaramelizadas (17)


For 5 rolls the size of a large cupcake

60g sourdough
120g of warm water (35 º)
180g flour + 1 bit to form rolls
1 cc* of fine salt

90g grated carrot
90g of nuts (caramelized woulb be great) coarsely chopped

2CS** skimmed milk
1CS** agave syrup

Begin preparing the dough, mixing the sourdough with water. When getting a smooth dough, add the flour and mix just until no dry flour remains. Cover with a clean cloth and let rest 30 minutes.
While resting, peel and grate the carrots and chop the nuts coarsely.
Then add the salt and knead 5-7 minutes gradually increasing the power. Add the carrots and nuts and mix well to incorporate.
In a large bowl greased with a bit of oil, place the dough and cover with a cloth.Let stand until it doubles its volume, between 3 and 6 hours depending on temperature.
As it is ready, we separate the dough into 5 pieces of equivalent weight and shape them going round with the help of a little flour.
Let the dumplings by placing in a mold-like muffins or cupcakes. Cover with a clean cloth and let rest about 2 hours or until the dough go to the top of the moulds.At that time, heat the oven to 180 degrees.
Mix the milk with agave syrup and "paint" the rolls to brown better. Give them a cross-shaped cut first and bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees. Then take off the moulds and leave in oven 10 minutes at 210 ° for freshly-brown on all sides.

If we have enough will power, let them cool on a rack of pastries :o)

With a little butter melted by heat, these muffins freshly baked can be a luxury snack, and healthier than any industrial pastry and a good way to eat carrots!

Bon profit!

Some useful information or not so useful

* cc: coffee spoon

**CS: table spoon


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Sandra Gu 05/31/2012 11:40

Many thanks for your participation. a really great idea - I'll test it
:-)I'll let you know, if the round up is online! muchos saludos

Palmira 05/31/2012 18:27

Thanks for the theme you choosed, a good snack, healthy and flavourful.

It always a pleasure to contribute.



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