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La versión en castellano está aquí.


A few years ago, before having a blog and even thinking of home making bread, monthly round ups of Bread Baking Day let me speechless. I never could imagine that one day we’ll also eat so original and tasty home-made breads at home.


I think that watching these BBD breads made me start the great challenge of sourdough. But I never imagined that one day I would be hosting this event! Thanks a lot to Zorra for giving me the opportunity to host this event in my virtual kitchen :o)

This monthly event that we all know was created by Zorra. Last month it was its 4 th anniversary and BBD has already made us bake wonderful loaves of bread around amazing and exciting topics. 
To give you an idea, please have a look at the round up of BBD # 41 where Connie from My Discovery of bread has captured the essence of each bread with herbs. I am sure that some of them can even inspire you for this month’s BBD  ;o)

Now, this month’s theme: Bread for a picnic.

The idea is to bake a perfect loaf to grab for a picnic. 
It can be sweet, salty, provide the basis for a sandwich, be filled,... No limit to your imagination, as they are baked and bring yeast or sourdough or preferment (or anything to ferment).

I know that for some of us, it is not exactly the best time to turn the oven on and for others it is not the best time for picnics ... But many of us still use the oven, despite the heat and many of you continue eating outside home despite the winter... So no excuses not to bake bread for a picnic.

It is so easy to participate. 
After you baked a bread whose scent can be smelled from here and whose color is incredible, just do the following before 1 August 1st, 2011:

*You can use the logo of BBD#42 (the code is in Zorra’s blog, here)

*Publish the recipe on your blog with a link to this post.

*Send an email to, with subject line BBD#42.

*Recipes can be published in Castilian, Catalan, English or French.


*Blog Name and address of the blog

*Name and address of bread recipe

*Main ingredient(s) of the recipe

*City and country

*Photo of bread (300x300 pixel)

*Do you want me to send you an email when round up is online?

*Deadline: 01/08/2011

*Round up will be online on August 5.

If you have any question, send me an email.

So get to your kitchens, I'm impatient to discover your tasty ideas...


Bon profit!




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